There is a primary Relational Field from which all life is sourced. This field is a forming consciousness, a weblike structure of relational tissues that are weaving all the patterns of reality. When our perception is tuned towards this primal web of unseen presence, there is a tangible ground orienting us, a resonance that opens us to movement, possibility, and play.

You're waiting for something.

That space without need for contortion.

A space to hold the vastness of the dreaming.

Where what you know can be embodied

and can move into form.

Calling in the script in the back of the drawer, the passion project, the epic curriculum, the ancestral dreaming that is woven of collective threads so much older than your life. Calling in the projects that don’t know if they can ever find a home within the industry that defines how your work should be…the projects that feel both vast and primordial in ways that refuse to be compromised by the contortions of commodification.

You may already be deeply skilled in your profession, in the craft of creation, of teaching, or guiding people into other ways of becoming. But there is a part of you that is still waiting for the right conditions to unfurl, a part of you that is connected to a deeper source, to primordial forces of creative intelligence, in ways that are profoundly isolating to the parts of you that are operating within consensus reality.

There are so many of us who are already the weavers, following intuitive threads, connecting what this culture has broken apart. My practices support others who share my longing to tend the weaving of relational tissue, nurturing new aesthetics, new possibilities outside of the limiting frameworks of domination.

The Mundane Mycelium Membership is a space for attuning to practices of Relational Field Weaving that have been foundational for the majority of our animist ancestors. These kinds of perception are the building blocks of ritual and culture, in its most basic sense of a witnessing of the sacredness of reality, a savoring of intimacy and beauty with all that we are in relationship with, and the creative possibility that emerges from this kind of weaving.

On a fundamental layer of existence, your creative expression is already present. The dance is a coming alongside it to support its arrival and be curious about how that arrival can happen in a way that is nourishing to the humans involved also, that lets their own nervous systems really complete and integrate the initiatory experiences that their creative dreamings are carrying them through, rippling across relational webbing for the benefit of the wider body of life.

"Underneath the underneath is the place where realities connect, where gravity curls inwards to embrace remembering, where you will know the clear tangibility of truth only through its intersections with others’ risking story. Narrative disintegrates into this primal sea awash with storm wrecked certainties and decomposing paradoxes. The truth is in the in between, vibrating between intricate patterns of crossed threads, order springing from the touched places resonating across distance into trust."

Long Body Prayers: An Animist Oracle